The Elixir Lashes & Brows

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    The revolutionary Elixir of biotechnological formulation combines different ingredients of natural origin that facilitate the lengthening, strengthening and nourishing of eyelashes and eyebrows, thus enhancing the natural beauty of the face. The result, a superb look.

    * Visible results in fourteen days.

    Apply with the roll-on applicator at the base of the eyelashes close to the hair follicles and the sparse areas of the eyebrows, twice a day, morning and evening.
    • Extract of Red Algae:

      Active ingredient of moisturizing, soothing and regenerating properties.

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    • Green coffee:

      It has soothing and invigorating properties. Its high contents in phenolic acids make this plant a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals.

    • Cypress extract:

      It protects elastin and collagen fibers.

    • Rosemary extract:
      • It has tonic and stimulating properties.
      • It is a natural antioxidant.
    • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid):

      It is a natural antioxidant that fights free radicals.

    • Vitamin PP (niacin):

      It acts as an energizer (confer energy to the cells).

    • Vitamin E (tocopherol):

      It stops free radicals and has a stabilizing effect.

    • Peptide (Tripeptide biotinol):

      Active ingredient that boosts eyelashes growth and the proliferation of keratinocytes of the hair follicle assuring the optimal anchor of the hair by stimulating the synthesis and the organization of the molecules of adhesion, laminin-5 and collagen IV.

      It facilitates the lengthening, thickness and strengthening of eyelashes and eyebrows.

    • Rose water:
      • It has tonic and astringent properties.
      • A natural anti-wrinkle that helps to regenerate the skin and prevents of ageing effects.
      • It has refreshing effects, soothes redness and calms allergic reactions.
      • Suitable for sensitive and delicate skin.
    • Fresh Aloe Arborescens gel:

      This variety of aloe is the richest in hydrating properties (up to 200 percent more than aloe barbadensis, commonly known as aloe Vera).

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    • Sesame oil:
      • Rich in oleic and linoleic acids.
      • It has antioxidant properties.
      • Regenerating and antiageing properties that help to fight against free radicals.

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    • Argan Oil:
      • Rich in antioxidants that stop free radicals and fight the sings of ageing.
      • It has firming and calming properties which provide the skin with elasticity and a silky touch.
      • This oil has hydrating and healing properties.
      • It protects the skin from external agents.

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