Gentle cleansing Facial water

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    A Nhuara Baret smooth and light lotion that prepares the skin for its morning and evening care, thus becoming clean, fresh and silky. Thanks to its natural extracts and its ingredients containing fresh Aloe Arborescens gel, this lotion moisturizes, soothes and regenerates the skin by eliminating impurities and gently removing make-up.

    Apply a small amount to a cotton and cleanse the skin gently. Leaves the skin fresh, clean and smooth. The perfect partner before Nhuara Baret facial treatments. No rinsing necessary.
    • Active cleanser ingredient:

      Lipoamino acid of organic origin, compound of a gentle cleansing base. Free of ethylene oxide, propylene oxide or sulfate.

    • Fresh Aloe Arborescens gel:

      This variety of aloe is the richest in hydrating properties (up to 200 percent more than aloe barbadensis, commonly known as aloe Vera).

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    • Extract of Red Algae:

      Active ingredient of moisturizing, soothing and regenerating properties.

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    • Daisy flower extract:

      It has skin excellent lightening properties that fight against spots of the skin. This extract decreases the synthesis of melanin (pigment that provides colour to the skin), inhibits the activity and synthesis of the tyrosinase (enzyme very important on melanin synthesis).

    • Vegetable Bisabolol:

      An anti-inflamatory active ingredient from organic origin which is found in numerous plants, mostly in Matricaria camomila, commonly known as chamomile.

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