Anti-wrinkle Serum

78,30 €

    A revolutionary formulation with a double, antioxidant and anti-wrinkle, effect designed for the eye contour requiring special care. Its combination of Nopal flower and Argan oil turn this serum into an extraordinary luxury product due to its fatty acids and vitamin E, which are essential agents to fight wrinkles and skin ageing. It nourishes the skin in depth and provides it with a revitalizing and rejuvenating lifting effect.

    After cleansing the skin, apply the serum dabbing your eyes with your fingertips until it has been fully absorbed. Apply the serum every morning and evening and you will notice the rejuvenating effect of a great ally of Nhuara Baret skincare treatments.
    • Prickly pear seed oil:

      This oil is a source of powerful natural antioxidants which stop free radicals and fight the signs of ageing. Highly rich in essential fatty acids and linoleic acids provide the skin with elasticity and firmness. It has regenerative properties which help the renewal of cells.

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    • Argan Oil:
      • Rich in antioxidants that stop free radicals and fight the sings of ageing.
      • It has firming and calming properties which provide the skin with elasticity and a silky touch.
      • This oil has hydrating and healing properties.
      • It protects the skin from external agents.

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    • Grape seed oil:
      • Rich in linoleic acid.
      • It nourishes and hydrates the skin.
      • Rich in emollients and antioxidant properties.

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    • Sesame oil:
      • Rich in oleic and linoleic acids.
      • It has antioxidant properties.
      • Regenerating and antiageing properties that help to fight against free radicals.

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    • Vegetable Bisabolol:

      An anti-inflamatory active ingredient from organic origin which is found in numerous plants, mostly in Matricaria camomila, commonly known as chamomile.

    • Lavender extract of seas:

      Anti-inflamatory active ingredient that slows down cell ageing. It stimulates the synthesis of collagen. Protects and maintain the elasticity of the skin.

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